Many people who own, operate, or manage a WordPress site don’t have the time, nor the desire, to maintain, update, and troubleshoot their WordPress website. Instead of dealing with the issues themselves, they turn to an outside provider who can do all those things for them. In this post, we’ll look at the The Top 5 Questions to Ask When Outsourcing WordPress Support.

Do you do the work internally or do you hire out each task?

If the company you’re researching outsources each task themselves, you’re essentially hiring a project manager. You may think you don’t care as long as the task is completed as requested and on-time.

However, when you find a team like the one at WP Jiffy, we get to know your site. We understand the plugin preferences you have, how you like things to look, etc. That saves you time and hassle which is the whole point of outsourcing your WordPress help, isn’t it?

Where is your support team located?

This is a big one. While there’s no need for the company to be entirely US-based, they should be based in developed countries who primarily speak your language. Why is that?

The biggest complaint we have from customers coming to us from other WordPress support experts is they didn’t speak their language natively or weren’t available at the times they needed them. We at WP Jiffy have a worldwide, distributed team, with people in the US, UK, and Australia.

Do you work on staging servers or only on live sites?

There is a time and place for changes to be made live. For example, if you notice a typo in your blog post. If you find an image you like better than one currently in use, there’s no reason to be wary of a live change.

When you don’t want to automatically go with changes on a live server (i.e. changing a theme or major plugin updates), does the WordPress Support Team you’re interviewing make changes on a staging server for you to okay prior to going live?

If not, that might bite you in the butt one day.

Are you available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

Nobody wants to get a message from a customer at 2:30 am on a Saturday saying your site won’t let them purchase anything. Unfortunately, this is definitely something that happens frequently.

When you hire a WordPress Support company that doesn’t provide 24/7 help, you’ll either have to figure it out yourself, find a secondary provider for that issue, or wait until they are open again. This is something we held as a non-negotiable when opening WP Jiffy: we will always be available for our customers.

No matter which day it is, what holiday is being celebrated, or what time it is, there is always someone on-duty that can help with your WordPress site.

Do you offer a guarantee?

There is no reason for a support company to not guarantee their work. Your site may not be your livelihood (or it might), but no matter what it’s important to you.

Anyone who works on your WordPress site should be able to say ‘We promise you’ll like our work or you don’t pay.’ Each of our new site subscriptions comes with a 30 day guarantee. If we don’t impress you within those first thirty days, let us know so we can make it right. If for some reason it’s just not a good fit, we’ll refund your initial investment.

If you’re interviewing another support company and they don’t offer something similar, you need to stop considering them.